Our Latest Patient Testimonial By Teresa H

I had surgery 8-2019 to extract all of my upper teeth in prep for a denture plate. Prior to that day, I had called and spoken with staff multiple times with questions regarding insurance, procedure information, etc.. I took their advice and made a consultation visit which was no cost. Dr Neuwirth and staff was professional but kind. They answered all of my questions, and I had a lot. I have major dental phobia, my past experiences have been horrid, resulting in the mess I was in at that point. I left the office with hope that day but unsure if it was something I could afford, unsure of what my insurance would pay. Just a few days after, the office called me with the financial information. We scheduled the procedure. Surgery day, all staff was incredibly kind and compassionate to me. They took very good care of me. Warm heated blanket, nice music, laughter and conversation. The dr came in, talked a few seconds, meds administered and it was lights out. I woke up quickly, no problems. Recovery at home was excellent. Even with all that was done to my mouth, stitches included, there was very little trauma evidence. I healed quickly and good. Minimal swelling and minimal bruising. The dr called that night to check on me and a couple days later also. His assistants called on the days in between. They kept in touch for about a week and stayed on top of my case. This is an excellent practice with excellent dr and staff. I highly recommend them. They are awesome! In a few years, I hope to return for implants. I would do it all over again. No regrets about them. This coming from me, queen of dental phobia! If anyone is scared, fears dental procedures like this etc... I promise you, if I can do it, anyone can. They will take care of you. They took care of me before, during and after. Top notch staff, top notch experience from start to finish, beginning to end, the minute you walk in to the front desk until you leave. This review is long, but they deserve it. Dr. Neuwirth and staff changed my life.

- Teresa H

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