Our Latest Patient Testimonial By Tara C

I finally made my first dentist appointment at the age of 27 because I've always had a fear of dentists. I find out I need to get 7 teeth taken out so my dentist office refer me to Brown & Neuwirth. At the consultation Dr. Brown told me the teeth I had in my mouth could kill me within 2 hours because of infection. I appreciated his straight forwardness because I knew I should have seen a dentist 3 abscesses ago! lol The day of surgery couldn't have gone any smoother. I was extremely nervous before going back & all I remember is laying in the chair, getting a iv in my arm then when I opened my eyes I was being helped to the car. I even went to my class later that night(with a driver of course!) I'm back at work feeling just fine. I would 100% recommend this office. I can officially say I no longer have a fear of anything related to the dentist. Thank you!

- Tara C

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